At Faralong, we arrange once-in-a-lifetime trips that you can afford to take more than once.

Our guided tours can be organized as group tours or private getaways. The beauty of a Faralong Tour is that the more people join, the less you all pay. Faralong.com is the place to find an exciting selection of well-liked and highly praised trips.

We have hand-picked, high-quality, full-service tour packages from trusted local operators with great user feedback.

Affordable and still top quality?

Our pricing is based on actual service cost. We sell directly online, with no unnecessary expenses, connecting people to the services. You can book private tours or join groups with same terms. You will get the full package with the level of service which suits every traveller’s needs.

We don’t advertise the minimum price; we show the maximum price, which you can reduce by sharing the service. There is no minimum group sizes or unequal prices inside the group.

We deliver modern and fair access to a tested and praised travel product.


The power of sharing.

We share moments to feel and remember them. We share to enjoy and to dare. We share to grow the experience and to reduce the cost. At Faralong.com, we share our knowledge, our contacts and professional experience to make things better for you. To share.

We are the Travel Company - why travel with us?

Carefully selected tours

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  • English speaking local guide, just for you, always.

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  • Cost based pricing.
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  • No hidden costs.


  • Easiest tour booking with no hassle, always, with any device.
  • Great service, great experience.

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