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11 Travel Blogs You Should Follow

June 04, 2016

by Ragne Maasel


There are hundreds of great travel blogs out there, all of which make you think that travelling as a profession and lifestyle and living a life of a true nomad may just be the best thing in the world. Well, it probably is. But these 11 blogs all have that certain something that not only make you think but motivate and inspire you to do it - explore, embark on adventures, try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone. And why not become a travel blogger yourself. You know it's possible!

1. The Bald Hiker

It all started in 2008 when a former British soldier decided to lose weight, take up a series of hiking trips and climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Now, seven years later, the rugged and adventurous Paul Steele is considered one of the most influential travel writers in the world. His blog The Bald Hiker covers the most exciting and iconic spots in the world, from famous mountaintops and African savannahs to hidden tropical beaches and the classic English countryside. Interested in exotic cuisines recipes, wildlife stories or tips on useful travel gear and gadgets? Paul’s got that covered as well.


2. World of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward, the founder, and editor of World of Wanderlust, lives every girl’s dream - travelling the world, sharing cool tips and experiences, and above all making her readers feel good. The blog is all about generating the incredible feeling of wanderlust and making you feel that travelling can, indeed, be easy, accessible and possible as a lifestyle or a profession regardless of who you are. World of Wanderlust truly covers everything you need to know about travelling - destinations, outfits, technology, living abroad advice and inspirational stories. And guys, this blog is not only for girls. So check it out!


3. The Indie Traveller

Marek Bron’s blog the Indie Traveller is all about travelling independently, pushing yourself out of the comfort zone, and doing it worry free and on a low budget. The Indie Traveller shares honest advice about how to explore the ins and outs of our amazing planet and try new things without spending too much money or overthinking it. The Dutchman urges all his readers to go out and explore, and always view and experience the world with a sense of awe and wonder.


4. Expert Vagabond

If you’re looking for a blog to follow that is also pleasing to the eye and offers that wow-effect you only get from adventure and travelling, Matthew Karsten’s Expert Vagabond is the place to go. The images on the blog are captivating, and the travel advice and resources top-notch. The Expert Vagabond is no ordinary travel blog, and not for ordinary travellers. It’s curious, humorous, exciting, and full of stunning pictures from all over the place. Matt knows how to keep his readers coming back for more.


5. Leave Your Daily Hell

This one will leave you giggling. Hilarious, brutally honest and with the occasional uncensored language, Robert Schneider tells it how it is - about the nomadic lifestyle, awesome destinations, smart travel hacks and most importantly, how we are in charge of our own lives and responsible for what we do with it. If your life is sh*it, change it. And if all you want to do is travel the world, then just do it. Simple as that.


6. Camels and Chocolate

This girl has really been around and hung out with coolest stars out there. You should start by reading the About section of the blog, to get a real understanding of Kristin Luna’s background and personality. The blog is not only about travel, but about everything Kristin likes, has been up to and recommends - from celebrities, food, events, to writing and photography, and of course travelling the world. One of the most beautifully designed and easy to read travel blogs out there today.


7. Nero and Me

A man, his dog, a bike, and a story - that’s Nero and Me. Josh and Nero took off from The UK to tour Europe and enjoy complete freedom, meet interesting people along the way and project it all back to the blog readers in an inspirational way. Nero and Me is about friendship, making memories and achieving your dreams. Josh travels on a 400 euro per month budget (including all doggy expenses!) and isn’t shy about sharing his advice on how to keep the spending low but excitement up while travelling around Europe. You can also follow the duo’s journey on an interactive map available on the blog. They’re currently enjoying Portugal and looks like they’re having plenty of fun in the sun.


8. Heart of a Vagabond

Yara is a true vagabond. She is passionate about personal development. alternative living, ecology, and veganism. And she wants to inspire people to do what they love, travel and explore the world sustainably. In addition to the more traditional travel blog stories from around the world, Heart of a Vagabond also includes exciting sections about alternative medicines and exotic natural remedies as well as stories about mouthwatering dishes and recipes from Thailand to Costa Rica. A truly delicious and thought-provoking blog to add to your must-follow list.


9. The Blonde Abroad

Pink, fluffy and girly on the outside, but profound from the inside and full of everything you need to know about any travelling. There really isn’t a travel topic Kiersten doesn’t cover on her blog. Read about budget travel, adventure trips, student, luxury or volunteer travel, or buy the travel necessities for your next adventure from the online shop. But more importantly, get excited about the life you live. The Blonde Abroad is much more empowering and entertaining than you might think at first glance. If you’re feeling like your life is dragging you down just a little bit, have a read through The Blond Abroad and let the witty California girl inspire and cheer you up.


10. One Step 4Ward

Johnny Ward has more than a 140 countries under his belt. What we like most about One Step 4Ward is not only the awesome posts about the worldwide destination, crazy travel stories, and funny rants, but the whole lifestyle Johnny is living and the way he teaches others to follow in his footsteps. He's traveling lifestyle is all about being location independent, exploring the world and at the same time making money and being business-oriented. Want to live a life of a digital nomad, work and earn money from anywhere and embark on wild adventures while you’re doing it? Check out the blog! And Johnny’s mile-long bucket list is also worth checking out for some inspirational ideas for your own list.


11. Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads is telling stories about and through food from all over the world. Jodi, like many other travel bloggers, has followed a path of “I quit my high-paying job to travel the world.” And just like many other travel bloggers, she has never regretted it but succeeded in creating a life she loves, and a blog that reflects her love for the world, adventure, and delicious food to her readers. Legal Nomads includes valuable advice on how to travel, from finding cheap flights to going gluten free. And it throws in great recipes and eating out tips along the way. Let this Canadian show you how to eat your way around the world, and enjoy every single bite.