Why You Should Travel With Friends

May 31, 2016

by Svea Lillepalu


We love traveling with our friends and try to have at least one trip a year with a bunch of them. This is also one of the reasons why we launched Traveling with friends is awesome, and we want to make it available for more people. So, gather up your besties, find that world map and start planning. And if you’re still not sure then have a look at the reasons why we think it’s totally worth it!

  • Costs
    Unfortunately, traveling is not free and it’s good that it isn’t. Traveling is a way for you to help the destinations thrive and locals have a better life. But it can be quite a hefty blow to your bank account. Therefore splitting the costs with a couple of friends or why not 20 of them, will make the trip much more enjoyable. You’d be able to go to places near and far and have money for souvenirs as well. Also – splitting the costs might make the trip affordable for friends who otherwise couldn’t join.


  • Safety
    I think that if you keep your eyes on the road and don’t act stupid, you’ll be safe anywhere in the world. Of course, there are places that do have a higher overall crime rate, but that doesn’t mean that you are surely going to get rid of your camera. That’s where your friends come into play again. You can act as each others’ bodyguards in a way. Also, the most annoying thing to happen on a beach is that you want to go for a swim, but don’t want to leave your stuff just hanging alone. With travel buddies, that’s not a problem – take turns.


  • Luggage
    If you’re going on a camping trip with hours and hours of trekking and nights under the starry sky involved, you’re probably carrying a lot of stuff. With some travel buddies, it’s a lot easier – you take the tent, one of your friends carries the sleeping bag, and the other one takes the pop-up cooking equipment. If you’re trying to become an Ironman then, of course, you can do it all on your own. Though I bet, it’s a lot more comfortable when you have some people to share the load with.


  • Memories
    Sharing memories is one of the best things you can do. Nothing beats the feeling of sharing an epic adventure with some of your closest friends. It’s like a bond that brings you closer, and you’ll have things to talk about for years to come. Don’t you sometimes feel that you’d love to share a certain moment with someone? As if they could validate that the view really is this beautiful or that the street food is that good. And as they say – things end but memories last forever.